Hand in Hand

Our Focus Areas

Hope for San Diego partners with trusted affiliates already working effectively and holistically toward a better future for all people in our communities. Our volunteers work hand in hand with like-minded people to bring hope and healing in four key areas:


Homelessness – protecting the vulnerable

For the more than 4,000 unsheltered individuals in San Diego County, homelessness is the end result of a series of traumatic events. Hope for San Diego partners with organizations that are solving homelessness by addressing these underlying issues so that those impacted experience lasting change.

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Sex Trafficking – rescuing the oppressed

Modern day slave owners make nearly $810 million a year trafficking in San Diego – it’s big business. Hope for San Diego supports these oppressed young women by partnering with organizations offering safe places to heal and discover hope for the future and by raising awareness about this hidden industry.

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Refugees/Immigrants – welcoming the stranger

Hope for San Diego partners with organizations that help refugees and immigrants navigate an often overwhelming new environment with hopes of equipping them for social and economic self-reliance. Through friendship, tutoring, sharing meals, and meeting practical needs, Hope for San Diego volunteers welcome immigrants and refugees and prepare them for life in their new home.

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Foster Care – loving the abandoned

Because God cares deeply for the most vulnerable of children, Hope for San Diego equips families to foster and adopt, supports these families, and connects volunteers with the needs of the foster care system.

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