Reflections on Hands of Hope – Refugee Tutoring

Reflections on Hands of Hope – Refugee Tutoring

Flying kites, making funny hats, blasting rockets, creating jewelry, and playing dodgeball. What can these possibly have to do with helping the marginalized in San Diego? On July 11th, a group of 40 from Hope for San Diego served at a picnic organized for refugee students who receive tutoring services during the week at San Diego Refugee Tutoring. For kids who have immigrated to the U.S. from countries torn by war, poverty, crime, and violence, these fun games and activities were a bridge to U.S. culture and new relationships.

Bo Bae, a member of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Encinitas, said the day was a time and space where exceptional kids could play and laugh with those who understood the importance of loving others. “Organizing this event with other brothers and sisters in Christ was so rewarding as we witnessed God move throughout the day,” she said. “He was in our conversations, and our shy smiles, as well as in our cheering and laughter. It was clear that Christ made the day, once again, as he brought various people from different places and backgrounds together to participate in a memorable day.”

Weekly tutoring sessions will resume soon on Tuesday afternoons in City Heights, where tutors have the opportunity to help elementary students with schoolwork and build ongoing relationships of influence.

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