Swimming for Bunk Beds

Swimming for Bunk Beds

Amanda Shih loves to swim. But instead of earning ribbons and medals for herself, Amanda earned money to buy bunk beds for the Kids Kingdom Orphanage, a Hope for San Diego affiliate. El Reino De Los Niños (The Kids Kingdom) is an independent orphanage and home to 35 children in Maneadero, Baja California, Mexico. Nine-year-old Amanda learned of the need for bunk beds at the orphanage and planned a personal swim-a-thon.

Securing pledges from friends and family, Amanda raised awareness about Kids Kingdom and how it is helping meet the physical, spiritual, emotional, social, and educational needs of orphaned and neglected children in Mexico. On the day of her swim, Amanda jumped in the pool with the well-wishes and prayers of her supporters urging her along. After an hour of swimming, Amanda achieved a personal record of 70 laps!

Tallying her pledges, Amanda was thrilled to earn $3,800 – just enough to buy all 19 bunk beds the orphanage needed! This month, Amanda and her family traveled to Kids Kingdom with a team from Hope for San Diego to help assemble and install the first several beds.

Do you have a passion you’d like to put to use for the poor and marginalized in the San Diego area?  Contact us and we’ll help you find ways to connect your passion with the needs in our community.

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