Tutoring with Laughter

Tutoring with Laughter

“My student was sent to the U.S. by his parents to join an older cousin and brother who immigrated here from Guatemala. He doesn’t know when he’ll see his parents again…”

Jane Hartman, a long-time member of Redeemer Church, offers hope in this bleak situation during weekly tutoring sessions. “My student is an eager, bright learner who has made excellent progress. I believe my training in ESL [English as a Second Language] and my ability to speak Spanish have been critical for this child, but, more importantly, our personalities have meshed beautifully. We laugh a lot!”

Jane laughs with her student weekly when she volunteers through Hope for San Diego at Casa de Amistad in Solana Beach. Although she says her skills in Spanish and ESL are beneficial, she explains that her student is not typical for the program–most volunteers don’t need any special training. “The other students are fully bilingual and benefit from the program’s support with their homework and coaching on study habits,” she says.

Casa de Amistad, Centro de Enseñanza, fosters the education and character development of underserved children, teens, and their families in coastal North County San Diego. Jane says her experience tutoring, “has only served to further my positive feelings about the resilience, drive, and amiability of Hispanic families.”

Many volunteer tutors participate in the program for many years, following their student through elementary, middle, and high school, while others chose to volunteer just for a year. “Either way,” says Jane, “this program offers volunteers an opportunity to make a powerful impact on the life of a child in the community.”

Hope for San Diego will begin registering new volunteer tutors in August, but if you’d like a peek into the program at Casa de Amistad, volunteer for our Frozen Yogurt Social on May 10 from 5:00 to 7:00pm. Sign up here.


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