Why Hope for San Diego?

Why Hope for San Diego?

San Diego is full of hope – many flock here for the gorgeous weather, plentiful jobs, and great educational institutions. But we don’t have to look far to find people struggling with homelessness, hunger, and poverty. Despite the beauty of its sunsets, San Diego’s shadows are as dark as any city’s.

At Hope for San Diego, we believe beauty and flourishing is God’s intention for all people – even those struggling, living without hope, and slipping into despair. That’s why we help those on the front lines of justice and mercy get the support they need. Hope for San Diego believes that, together, we can bring holistic renewal and make a measurable impact in San Diego and beyond.

How does Hope for San Diego work toward these goals?

  • We simplify decision making.
    We partner with organizations – our affiliates – who are effectively working on the front lines of mercy and justice. We identify and evaluate the organizations doing the best work so that you don’t have to.
  • We make it easier for you to engage.
    From service opportunities to giving money, we simplify the process and help you understand the impact you can make.
  • We raise awareness.
    We educate the larger San Diego community so more people understand the true needs of our communities and how they can help.

Together, we can bring God’s beautiful light of hope and healing to all the people of San Diego. Won’t you join Hope for San Diego by taking the first step? We invite you to explore our website to learn about ways you can get involved.