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Recap from March 9th – From Stranger to Neighbor

Come hear from Matt Soerens, U.S. Director of Church Mobilization at World Relief, and Jane Register, Church Mobilizer for World Relief SoCal, as well as a personal testimony from a recently settled refugee. Let’s consider together our role as the church in responding to immigrants and refugees in our midst.

While the political situation is complex, Hope for San Diego believes that our calling as Christians is to care for Afghan refugees as neighbors, with love. We see the special care and concern God shows for immigrants—described as aliens, strangers, sojourners, foreigners—throughout scripture. They are our neighbors, and we are called to love them in the name of Jesus.
Through our affiliate, World Relief, we have the opportunity to welcome these people from across the globe that God is bringing to our neighborhood, and make sure they see the love of Christ displayed by Americans in their moment of need.
Read this post for an update on Afghans arriving in San Diego.


Good Neighbor Team

Our desire is not only to serve refugees in the short-term as they arrive, but to build long-term relationships that lead to their thriving in this country. You can be part of a team that welcomes and befriends refugees together, building friendships that transcend cultural boundaries. These teams will be formed primarily from members of our church partners. Please fill out the form below and we will invite you to an orientation.

What is a Good Neighbor Team?

A Good Neighbor Team (GNT) is a group of 5 to 10 people from a local church that partners with  Hope for San Diego and World Relief SoCal to welcome and walk alongside one refugee family.

Teams work with Hope for San Diego and World Relief to support the refugee family’s initial resettlement or secondary migration.

Our goal is for each refugee that arrives in the San Diego area to feel the warm welcome of the local church and community.

What is the time commitment?

It is a 6-month commitment in which at least one member of the team visits the family at least once per week.

What are the main responsibilities?

Areas of support often include household furnishing collection, apartment set-up, airport welcome, education mentor, ESL practice, health advocate, and job coach. Mainly, it is assisting in assimilating the family supporting them as they navigate their new life here.

Receive the provided training and complete the appropriate application to join the team.

Host A Family

With the challenge of limited housing availability in San Diego, refugees are often housed temporarily in hotels while awaiting more permanent housing. However, the cost of these hotel stays reduces the amount families have available for rent. If you have available space and would consider hosting a family short-term, please express your interest in the form below and we will be in touch to gather more details about your availability.

Read about a new Sponsor Circles program that enables everyday Americans to take on the responsibility of welcoming a new Afghan family. An emergency response launched to ensure that all arriving Afghans receive welcome and support, the Sponsor Circle Program pairs Afghan newcomers with community groups eager to provide support.


Our Amazon Wishlist has recently been updated with most needed items to help set up apartments for new families arriving daily. Considering these families are bringing almost nothing with them, every purchase goes a long way to help their transition. You can also create welcome baskets that will be distributed to families as they arrive. Please sign up on the form below and we’ll send you a list of items to include or you can see the “Immediate Needs” link above.



Your donations will help Hope for San Diego respond quickly to the most urgent needs of Afghan refugees arriving in San Diego in the coming weeks as well as equip our affiliates for ongoing needs in the coming months. Make your gift here.



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