Back to School Strong


This year, GIVE without Spending

School may not be in person this year, but under-served kids need you even more for a strong start to their school year. In past years, Back to School Strong has meant adding extra supplies to your cart. But in this year that’s different in every way, Hope for San Diego wants to support our affiliates according to the greatest needs of their students. That’s why, we’re taking advantage of a unique opportunity for the next 30 days for you to GIVE without SPENDING!

Support Back to School Strong in 60 Seconds!

Hope for San Diego is partnering with Express Feedback for Good™ — a totally free way to share honest feedback on companies and brands you interact with every day in order to create funds to help equip under-served students with the tools they need to learn virtually this year. Our goal is $10,000 to help kids go back to school strong!

How it works:

1. Sign up in about one minute

2. Pick a company and share your opinion in 60 seconds

3. Each quality opinion you share creates $2 to support Back to School Strong with Hope for San Diego

4. Share up to 75 opinions and create $150

5. Share the link with friends and create even more $$ to support under-served students

Express Feedback for Good™ is committed to respecting and protecting your information. Your contact information is not sold to 3rd-parties, there are no products to buy, and you won’t be contacted without your permission. During the 30-day campaign, you’ll simply be asked to share opinions you have on companies and brands using an emoji-based, 60-second process. You can support Hope for San Diego and Back to School Strong with confidence using Express Feedback for Good. When you sign up to support Back to School Strong, your information is never sold or shared with third-parties and your personal information is encrypted and remains confidential. You will NOT be marketed to, asked to buy a product, or contacted without your permission.

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Thank you for helping under-served kids thrive no matter where they’re learning!