Coronavirus Care

Your help is essential

Our under-served neighbors need us more than ever! There are safe ways to serve the most vulnerable in our city during this tumultuous time.

*We will update this page regularly, so check back for the latest needs and how you can help.
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COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting those who were already living paycheck to paycheck without much margin. The current crisis has only applied more pressure to an already fragile situation.  Your emergency gift today will help our under-served neighbors get back on their feet!  This spring we’ve awarded a total of $150,000 in grants to bolster our affiliates’ ability to serve the most vulnerable. Your gift will enable us to keep supporting their essential services.
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Order Essential Supplies
As shelters re-open, we’ve updated our Amazon wish list with items such as sheets, towels, and masks to ensure that new residents have clean supplies. In this last week of our virtual supply drive, please consider sending a few items, and we’ll make sure they’re delivered to our affiliates and help those most in need.


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Join our Coronavirus Care Team and we’ll send you weekly opportunities to serve and pray for our affiliates or reach out indivdiually if a need arises that suits your skills and interests.

Opportunities to Serve
Deliver Meals to Seniors 
Jewish Family Services urgently needs volunteers to deliver meals to seniors across San Diego County. You can make a real impact by becoming part of our Project 19 team as a volunteer driver. There are two four-hour daily shifts that run from 9:00am to 1:00pm and 1:30pm to 5:30pm. Each route averages 16 stops, and you must have your own vehicle to transport the meals. Additionally, volunteers must be 25 years or older to participate.

To learn more or sign up, click here.

Read with Students or Tutor Online

Our affiliates that provide tutoring and mentoring for students are quickly pivoting to an online model and they need volunteers! If you’re willing to meet with an elementary student for reading help or an older student for homework help, please fill out the form above and note that you’re interested in tutoring. We’ll get back to you with details about upcoming opportunities.


Donate Blood with the San Diego Blood Bank

Local hospitals are on the verge of a serious shortage as blood drives cancel due to school closures and work-from-home policies. More than half of their blood supply is collected on bloodmobiles. To see locations and make an appointment, visit their website or call (619) 400-8251.



Prayers we’re Praying (And you can too!)
1. Pray for those living without margin

Most middle and upper-class Americans have at least some safety net and ability to stock up on household essentials. But many in our city were already living in poverty, paycheck to paycheck—youth transitioning out of foster care, people living without shelter, and refugees and immigrants. Pray that God would provide for their physical needs and give them comfort in their distress.

2. Pray for essential workers

As more people get sick, healthcare workers and first responders are working longer hours with fewer supplies and with more risk of contracting the new coronavirus themselves. Food service, grocery stores, and delivery drivers continue to work each day so that people can eat. Pray that God would renew their energy, sustain them, and protect them.

3. Pray for our response

Our churches, communities, schools, and non-profits can be a refuge for the most vulnerable in San Diego. Pray that we would be instruments of His grace and mercy to those in need and that we would be ready to respond in the days ahead, living out our faith in action.

Affiliate & Non-Affiliate Prayer Requests
Generate Hope

1. Pray for our staff and residents to remain healthy and strong.
2. Pray for unity as women live together and support each other.
3. Please pray for God to dissolve our resident’s anxiety at the feet of the cross.

Solutions for Change

1. Please continue to pray for our staff and residents to have continued peace and build emotional and spiritual resilience.
2. Pray for those who are at risk of relapse to stay connected with counselors, case managers, and community resources.
3. pray for financial provision in the coming weeks and months.

Safe Families

1. Please pray that we’d be able to find host families willing to step in during these challenging times when our intake lines are especially busy.
2. Please pray for our staff, our host families, churches, and bio families.

Churches Against Trafficking – Prayer for Victim Services Organizations

These are the specific issues that San Diego organizations who provide direct care to those who have been trafficked, including women with children, have requested prayer for during this time

1. Anxiety and fear for the future
2. Difficulty finding employment during the COVID crisis
3. Need for stable housing
4. Safety for women who are trying to leave the life of exploitation and finding it especially difficult at this time because most organizations are not able to accept new residents because of the virus crisis.
5. The children of women who are in shelters who are now out of school and do not have regular daily activities

San Diego Rescue Mission

1. Strength & joy for our staff
2. Patience and perseverance for our students
3. Continued resources to meet our operating needs
4. Protection and prevention from any outbreak
5. That God would be honored in all that we do

World Relief
        1. As more detainees in ICE detention test positive for COVID-19, pray for the vulnerable populations in these facilities and the decisions being made that impact their health and futures.
        2. As aid is cut and supplies become more difficult to get, displaced people need more prayer than ever.
        3. As farms and meat processing plants across the country scramble to keep workers safe during the pandemic, the risk is high for the majority immigrant food supply workforce. Please pray for the safety of these workers, the impact on the food supply, and for them to receive the assistance they need in this difficult time.


Thank you for praying and serving!