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Care Community (Foster care/Kinship families)

50% of all foster/resource parents quit after the first year. But with a Care Community around them, 90% of foster families continue. 

What is a Care Community?

A Care Community is a group of 4 to 8 people from a local church that partners with  Hope for San Diego and Restoration 225 to care for a foster/kinship family.

Teams work with Hope for San Diego and Restoration 225 to support the foster and/or kinship family that has requested the service of a care community.

Our goal is for each foster and kinship family that we get connected with here in the San Diego area to feel the support of the local church and community while they are caring for these children in their homes.

What is the time commitment?

It is a 3-month commitment in which at least one member of the team visits the family at least once per week. These teams often continue for more months if they choose to.

What are the main responsibilities?

Areas of support often include helping to provide a weekly meal for the family, prayer, and there may be additional requests as you and your team further develop the relationship with the family.

Receive the provided training and be assigned to a team.


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This opportunity is currently open to volunteers from our church partners.
Monday, May 01 - Sunday, December 31

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