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Marathon Mom for a Good Local Cause

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Keep our children safe from human trafficking in San Diego
Hi, Friends and Family in San Diego,
I hope you are safe and well!
I’m running the San Diego Marathon in June for a cause that has deeply opened my eyes to the needs of our city, and our very own neighborhoods. I would like to tell you my story.
Last year, I got an opportunity to tour Alabaster Jar – a safe haven in Escondido for survivors of human trafficking to recover and get back on their feet. It was there my eyes were opened to the reality of human trafficking present in every zip code in San Diego.
– I learned the FBI has ranked San Diego as one of the 13 worst regions in the U.S. for trafficking.
– I learned any of our kids could be targeted. That the average age of victims is 11-13 years old for boys and ~13 years old for girls.
– I learned most trafficking victims are not from kidnappings or abductions. Instead, they are vulnerable kids targeted through covert deception, psychological coercion and force in every zip code of the SD area, including our schools.
If you are like me, it is easy to turn a blind eye to this reality. But it is real, as well as the danger to our children, our neighborhoods, and our schools. Therefore, I’m running the San Diego Marathon on June 4th to support the fight against human trafficking in San Diego and in our very own neighborhoods.
My request to you is first and foremost, for your prayers and support. Prayers to persevere, stay safe, balance time with family and training, and finish the race. Secondly – if you feel called to do so, please donate on my fundraising page.  But please do not feel obligated, if you are not in a position to do so.
Your donation would go towards anti-human trafficking organizations that educate our schools and communities to help our children recognize the danger signs of human trafficking around them. Your donation would also help trafficking victims recover and get back on their feet. Lastly, your support would help me cover marathon registration costs. I am partnering with Hope for San Diego to allocate funds to these organizations in need, such as Alabaster Jar Project, GenerateHope, and their affiliates to serve our San Diego neighbors in need.  Please see attached for more information.
Will you make a donation to support my efforts? Together we can help change lives in San Diego.
Thanks for your support!
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About the Event

Traffickers in the growing and insidious sex trade use threats, coercion, and violence, forcing victims to sell their bodies, exploiting human beings that can be sold over and over for tremendous profit. By raising awareness about this hidden blight, Hope for San Diego mobilizes our community to care for the many survivors fighting to rebuild their lives.
Your gift will support Alabaster Jar Project, Generate Hope, and our underserved neighbors in the city.

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I am partnering with Hope for San Diego – a faith-based organization that engages our community to care for and invest in our under-served neighbors by partnering with churches and local organizations to serve the needs of our local communities in the areas of sex trafficking, homelessness, refugees/immigrants, and foster care.
Empowers survivors of trafficking and sexual exploitation by providing housing, an array of support services, and peer support. They provide long term housing through their residential program, Grace House, where survivors can live for up to two years in a semi-supported environment. They also provide wrap-around aftercare services through our Resource Center and survivor employment. 
GenerateHope helps sex trafficking victims by offering a real way out. GenerateHope is a faith-based organization providing long-term, comprehensive programs to women who have been sexually trafficked, so that they are able to reintegrate into society and walk powerfully into their futures. They provides long term, comprehensive recovery programs for female survivors of sex trafficking. They offer residential safe housing, a full academic program, individual and group psychotherapy, case management, and more. GenerateHope provides safety, community, and individualized life skills support to work through the deep trauma and discover a healthy, purpose-filled life.