Let’s Talk About Immigration

Let's Talk About Immigration


Bring your questions

We all have questions about what’s behind the headlines when it comes to immigration. What is at the root of this “border crisis” that seems to be constantly changing? Is this a threat to U.S. security? Who are these asylum-seekers? What should be our response as Christians? Bring your questions and join us for an evening of exploring myth, fact, and response.

Sunday, October 6th @ 6pm

Covenant Presbyterian Church

2930 Howard Avenue in North ParkĀ 
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Featuring Matt Soerens of World Relief

Matt Soerens
Matt Soerens
One of the nation’s leading experts on immigration and a leader of the Evangelical Immigration Table, Matt Soerens is the Director of Church Mobilization for World Relief. Matt takes us beyond the headlines and myths toward a sharper understanding of the facts regarding the current immigration situation. With careful analysis of the historical roots of U.S. policy along with a thoughtful, biblical perspective, Matt provides a framework for a Christian response to those seeking refuge.
Come with your questions about immigration, refugees, and the border crisis!
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