February 23, 2018

Rising Early to Make Lunches

Meeting at Solana Beach Presbyterian Church at 7:00am on a Saturday seemed early for Wayne Chen.

But there he was, joining an efficient assembly line to construct 160 sandwiches in 45 minutes. July 11th was Hope for San Diego’s Hands of Hope day of service, where more than 160 people spanned across eight affiliates worked to help the poor and marginalized of our city.

Wayne joined the Solana Beach Pres. outreach to migrant workers and soon realized the need for his early start to the day. Traveling around Encinitas delivering lunches to migrant workers, Wayne’s team leader, Carlos, explained that if they don’t get out early, many of the migrant workers have already been picked up for work.

“This was my first mercy ministry experience with Hope for San Diego,” said Wayne. “I was truly blessed by the experience, and the reminder that there are so many people in need in both body and spirit.”

The group visited three locations around Encinitas to deliver lunches. At each stop, Carlos preached a short message and one person prayed for the workers, their families, and their jobs.

Wayne said, “I was struck by how many of the gathering locations were familiar places I often drive by, and sometimes even shop (Home Depot). It was a gentle reminder from God that there are a lot more problems in life than the first world problems I’m always stressing about.” Hope for San Diego serves migrant workers lunches the third Saturday of each month. Wayne said, he and his wife hope to participate often, “to bless not only our city, but to receive blessing in return.”