February 07, 2018

What would you do with $50,000?

Hope for San Diego had the exciting opportunity to answer that question this year, awarding more than $50,000 to our non-profit affiliates in their work to serve the poor and marginalized throughout San Diego.

With donations made by amazing supporters like you, Hope for San Diego bolsters the work of organizations that reflect our values, are working for holistic change, and are financially accountable. Because Hope for San Diego carefully directs funds to the most meaningful projects, you have a hand in funding holistic, sustainable, strategic work that will make the most difference among those most in need.


Hope for San Diego fully funds the work of Alabaster Jar’s Escondido Resource Center, which serves more than 100 women emerging from sex trafficking each year. The center serves drop-in clients with case management and tangible needs (food, clothing), computer access, connection to medical and mental health services, and hosts small group support meetings and bible studies.


Hope for San Diego helped fund the third annual summer reading, math, and dance program for A Step Beyond participants. ASB’s summer program addresses the well-documented reality that low-income children are at greater risk to lose academic ground if not challenged and supported over the long summer vacation.


Hope for San Diego helps fund the Study Companions Program, which provides academic tutoring/mentoring for 240 under-served students in North County to help them improve their success in school and become academically competitive with their mainstream peers. Grant funds will help recruit and train quality volunteers and close the digital divide in our community by making classroom technology accessible to students and parents.


Hope for San Diego funds a mentorship program to provide students in the City Heights neighborhood with life skills training and workshops designed to foster personal development and empowerment. By connecting students with mentors, Connect City Heights seeks to help nurture a new imagination that will foster a deep value toward education.

This year’s grants were awarded to current affiliates listed below, but there are many organizations worthy of our support that we’d like to add to this list next year. Won’t you help us by becoming a Hope Partner?


Hope for San Diego funds a critical, short-term research project that will provide best practice knowledge to spur growth and effectiveness for the regional sex trafficking survivor care system. The long-term impact of this initiative will substantiate Generate Hope’s innovative model with formal research data, improving the ability to personalize and speed recovery for trafficking victims, while also providing key insights into how this care model can be scaled and replicated in other communities.


Hope for San Diego helps fund the operational costs of San Diego Refugee Tutoring, which provides one-to-one tutoring and holistic academic support to refugees at Ibarra Elementary School in City Heights. With 600-700 volunteers this year, San Diego Refugee Tutoring’s volunteer coordination role has become unsustainable with only volunteer leadership, so Hope for San Diego’s grant will help fund a staff position to better serve both volunteers and refugee students.


Hope for San Diego provided resources for a new staff position of Substance Abuse Counselor. With more than 65 percent of Solutions residents coming from a background of substance abuse, this newly added staff person is critical to efforts to solve family homelessness, providing one-to-one counseling and teaching group therapy classes for residents, including addiction education, relapse prevention, family dynamics and stress management.