Engaging the community to bring lasting change.

About Hope For San Diego

Hope for San Diego brings together like-minded people to make a difference in the community they call home. Working with trusted affiliates who are on the front lines serving the poor and marginalized, we raise awareness, engage volunteers, and provide financial resources in order to ensure lasting and holistic change.

Founded in 2003 as North Coast Christian Ministries, we changed our name to Hope for San Diego in 2013 to better reflect our goal as an organization — to bring hope to the community we call home.

Our Values

Hopeful Presence

Our name is our vision – we embrace hope for the community we call home.

Holistic Renewal

Human brokenness extends to all aspects of life, so renewal must address the needs of the whole person – social, emotional, economic, physical, and spiritual.

Love for the City

We enter into our city with the love of Christ, and serve out of gratitude for his grace and mercy for us.

Investment for Lasting Change

Lasting change is our goal, so we provide opportunities for you to invest time or resources into projects that are sustainable, measurable, and financially accountable.

Our Focus Areas

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Protecting the vulnerable.


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Sex Trafficking

Rescuing the oppressed.


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Welcoming the stranger.

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Foster Care

Loving the abandoned.

How We Work

We select affiliates through a comprehensive evaluation process

We assess needs of our affiliates

You volunteer for opportunities that fit your schedule

You give and those financial gifts are distributed to the most impactful projects

We track and measure effectiveness

Together we improve the lives of the poor and marginalized

Board of Directors


We partner with local churches that share our values, combining our resources to make a greater difference for the poor and marginalized in San Diego.

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Encinitas, CA