Hope for San Diego
changes lives

We hope for San Diego

Can you imagine a city where all people thrive? A city where everyone sleeps in a warm bed at night? A city where all children are safely nurtured in healthy families? A city where neighbors welcome strangers with open arms? That’s the vision of Hope for San Diego—a renewed city where even the most vulnerable thrive.

Working toward that vision means Hope for San Diego walks into the shadows of our city to be the hands and feet of hope to those who need it most.

Our Mission

In light of Christ’s love, Hope for San Diego engages our community to care for and invest in our under-served neighbors.

Our Values

  • Hopeful Presence

    We embrace hope for the community we call home, serving out of gratitude for the abundance of Christ's grace and mercy.

  • Holistic Renewal

    Human brokenness extends to all aspects of life, so renewal must address the needs of the whole person—social, emotional, economic, physical, and spiritual.

  • Love for the City

    We acknowledge the beauty and brokenness of San Diego, demonstrating our faith through active service.

  • Thoughtful Investment

    We desire to be a trusted catalyst for lasting change, making long-term investments as we seek transformed lives and a renewed city.

  • Collaboration

    We empower people and churches to pursue common goals alongside non-profit organizations that are creating opportunities for the most vulnerable to thrive.

Board of Directors

Sue Pyke
I want to help realize Hope for San Diego’s generous vision of caring for our most vulnerable neighbors and renewing our city.
Susie Fikse - Board Member
Since the inception of its unique model, Hope for San Diego has served as a trusted partner for individuals, churches, and non-profit organizations to work together for the flourishing of our community. It’s my privilege to serve this community of dedicated people who give of themselves to see their vulnerable neighbors thrive.
Katherine Schoneman - Board Member
I witnessed the service, compassion, and hope that Hope for San Diego provides this community. I am honored to be a partner of this organization.
Lucas Karasch - Board Member
I have been involved with Hope For San Diego since its inception and have a passion for the organization's unique ability to unify various churches, individuals, and local non-profits. HFSD makes it easier for people to serve and donate knowing these particular non-profits have been vetted and align clearly with the heart of Jesus. I am excited to see HFSD continue to grow in its mission to seek justice and mercy and have a redemptive impact on our city.
Ben Hester - Board Member
I joined Hope for San Diego because my family and I believe in their holistic and biblical approach to serving our most vulnerable neighbors throughout San Diego.
Yong Kim - Board Member
Serving as a volunteer at some of the partner organizations over the past several years has given me the opportunity to see first hand how these organizations are making a lasting difference in the lives of families in our community and across the border. I feel so blessed to be part of Hope for San Diego and excited about the positive impact we can make in our communities as we work together!
Ben Ting - Board Member
I came to know Hope for San Diego through its annual Day of Service. Since then, I have grown to appreciate the vital role it plays in mobilizing resources to support well-run organizations serving our region, as well as in encouraging the Christian community to expand our hearts for our neighbors. It is an efficient vehicle for making a real difference in people’s lives.
Jessica Thompson - Board Member
I have had the opportunity to serve at Hope For San Diego events as a volunteer for a couple years. During this time I saw the holistic approach they took towards loving those in our city who typically aren’t seen. The love they displayed grew a desire in me to be involved in every aspect that was possible. I am honored to be a part of this board and look forward to seeing how God uses HFSD in our city.
Amanda Boerneke - Board Chair
My family and I began volunteering with Hope for San Diego several years ago, initially through the annual Day of Service. We were drawn to their holistic approach to serving the most vulnerable in San Diego, all while showing the love and servanthood of Jesus. We have loved having a place where we can serve as a family, and I feel honored to be a part of an organization making such a big impact on the city of San Diego.
Ben Tao - Board Member
I was interested in joining the board because I believe it's important to be invested in the community that we live in.


Susie Fikse
Executive Director
Alec Ostapovicz
Community Engagement Director
Abby Murrell
Community Partnerships Director
Lily Journey
Communications Specialist
Tiffany Chu
Volunteer Coordinator

Church Partners

Redeemer Presbyterian Church
Risen Church
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Harbor City Church
Covenant Church
Makers Church
Restoration Church
Harbor Church
Communion Church